Student requirements for Unisa Bursaries and Loans

By | January 23, 2024

The University of South Africa (Unisa) offers a variety of bursaries and loans to help students with their education costs.

The requirements for these bursaries and loans may vary depending on the specific program, but in general, here are the common requirements for Unisa bursaries and loans:

1. Academic eligibility

You need to meet the academic requirements set by Unisa for the program you are applying for.

This may include meeting minimum grade point average (GPA) requirements, passing certain courses, or maintaining a certain level of academic performance.

2. Financial need

You must demonstrate that you have a financial need for the bursary or loan.

This may include providing evidence of your family’s income, your own income, and any other financial resources available to you.

3. South African citizenship or permanent residency

You must be a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa to be eligible for most Unisa bursaries and loans.

4. Age restrictions

Some Unisa bursaries and loans may have age restrictions.

For example, some programs may only be available to students under a certain age.

5. Specific program requirements

Some bursaries and loans may have additional requirements, such as community service or involvement in certain extracurricular activities.

6. Academic progress

To maintain eligibility for the bursary or loan, you may need to maintain a certain level of academic progress, such as achieving a minimum GPA or completing a certain number of credit hours per semester.

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