Wells Fargo Routing Number New Mexico

Wells Fargo is without doubt one of the oldest financial companies in the United States of America and as an existing customer, you must know and be able to identify their routing number on your check so you can use it for your transactions. As a result, I’m going to provide you with the Wells Fargo Routing Number New Mexico and how you can identify it on your check.

But before that, let us first understand what a Routing Number is.

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A Routing Number, also known as ABA routing number is a nine digit code used by banks which is printed at the foot of checks that enables them to identify specific banks or financial institutions in the U.S. It was developed by the American Bankers Association (ABA) in 1910 to make it easier for bankers when bundling, sorting and also delivering of checks to check writer’s bank for debit to the check writer’s account.

American Bankers Association Routing Numbers (ABA RTNs) are also used by the Federal Reserve Banks in processing Fedwire fund transfers.

Large financial institutions such as Wells Fargo have different routing numbers for different states whereas other banks only have one routing number that is used across the states. That is why as a customer of Wells Fargo, you must know your states routing number in order to do your transactions.


So you have an account with Wells Fargo but isn’t sure what your routing number is or where you can find it on your check? Well, you are not alone as there are a number of people who also find it difficult to identify routing numbers on their checks despite it been easy to find.

So this is it, there are some three separate numbers on your Wells Fargo check, the first number i.e. the nine digit code is your Wells Fargo routing number. The remaining two is your account number and check number respectively.

Wells Fargo Routing Number for New Mexico

The Routing Number for New Mexico is 107002192 which can be found at the bottom of your Wells Fargo Check.

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So when making a transfer from one Wells Fargo account to another in a different state or outside the U.S, you can use this routing number. It can be used for transactions such as inter-bank transfers and direct deposit electronic transfers.

NB: kindly note that there are different Wells Fargo routing numbers for each type of account and transaction type. Hence the type of routing number to use depends on your account or transaction you are doing. A Wells Fargo routing number for a Checking and Savings accounts if different from that of Lines of Credit and Wire transfers.

You can also find your Wells Fargo routing number here https://www.wellsfargo.com/help/routing-number/


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