Wells Fargo Auto Loan Payment Options; COMPLETE GUIDE

You are at the right place if you are in search of Wells Fargo auto loan payment options available for you. Thankfully, there are several options available for you to choose from and I will be listing them in the subsequent paragraphs.

But first lets know who they are.

Who they are;

Wells Fargo is a leading financial service company headquartered in San Francisco, California with operations in about 35 countries. The company has over 70 million customers across the globe hence strives to make accessibility easy for their customers. As a result, they have several payment options available for their millions of customers worldwide.

Wells Fargo is known for providing diversified set of investment, banking and mortgage products and services.

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Because they care about their customers’ convenience, Wells Fargo has made it possible for their customers to pay for their auto loans in ways that are convenient for them. The Wells Fargo auto loan payment options available to customer are;

Set up automatic payments

You can set up for automatic payments where you can choose which savings or checking account you’d want to make payment from each months. It is absolutely free to set up and you’re also at liberty to cancel the automatic payments online.

You can set up your automatic payments by visiting www.wellsfargo.com to sign on and choose your auto loan from account summary. Now select “Enroll in auto pay”. Another way to set up automatic payment is to contact Wells Fargo on 1-800-289-8004 or download the “automatic loan payments authorization (PDF), fill in the form and submit via mail or fax

Pay via Phone

The next option available to you is by phone. You can do this by simply contacting them on 1-800-289-8004. This option is available to you anytime any day of the week through their automated system.

Pay Online

Another convenient option to make you Wells Fargo payment is via online. All you have to do is to simply sign on via www.wellsfargo.com and choose your auto loan found at ACCOUNT SUMMARY. Now you decide to make payments immediately or schedule payment.

NB; scheduling of payment can be done 30 days in advance.

Pay in person

You can also choose to go the old school way by paying in person. All you have to do is to visit a Wells Fargo banking location which does not require any Wells Fargo account and comes at no charge as well.

Pay via Mail

Wells Fargo auto loans can also be paid via mail. You can do this by issuing a check or money order payable to Wells Fargo Auto.

Make you fill in the check or money order correctly with your account number and name. Once that is done, you can go ahead and send your payment via addressed to;

Wells Fargo Auto

P.O. BOX 17900

Denver, CO 80217-0900


MoneyGram is another option available for you. Include your 10 digit Wells Fargo auto account number and receive code 1815. Since MoneyGram is a third party, third party fees may apply.

Western Union

When paying via Western union, add your 10 digit Wells Fargo auto account number, Western Union city code CATX, and State Code TX.

NB; third party fees may apply.


You can change your payment due date in case you realize you cannot make payment on the set date. However in order to do this, there are a few things you must know before requesting for a change in payment due date. The requirements you must meet for the date to be changed are;

  • Applicant must have made first payment on his/her auto loan.
  • Applicants proposed payment due date shouldn’t exceed 15 days from the existing payment due date.

Example; you can only apply for a change of payment due date if your current due date is say 10th of the month and your proposed date change is either on 25th of the month or before.

  • That this is the first time you are requesting for a change in payment due date.
  • Also, you can only apply for a change in payment due date if your account is current or not more than 10 days past the due date
  • Lastly, your loan must have a fixed interest rate

NB; it is worth noting that, once you change your payment due date, it affects your loan maturity date although your monthly payment amount remains the same.

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