Wells Fargo ATM Deposit & Withdrawal Limits

Knowing your Wells Fargo ATM deposit and withdrawal limits is very important if you want to enjoy the use of your debit card and time at the ATM.

Have you ever found yourself in that uncomfortable situation at the ATM where you are told you’ve reached your limit for the day? I can imagine how frustrating that can be if you needed that money instantly for a particular service or transaction.

Now one may say “it’s my own money so why put a limit on my daily withdrawals?” Well, the answer is simple; they do that for security reasons and also to have enough cash at the bank to serve customers.

Like it or not, there will always be withdrawal limits. All you can do is to know what your limit is and how best you can move past it. That is why I have put this article together informing you of Wells Fargo ATM deposit and withdrawal limits.

NB; There are over 12,000 Wells Fargo ATMs available for customers to access their cash.


The initial withdrawal limit after opening your Wells Fargo Checking account  and received your debit card is set at $1,500  and ATM withdrawal of $300 daily. You can request for an increment by contacting Wells Fargo on phone or by going to them in person if you feel the initial limit is too small for you.

Alternatively, you can check by signing on to Wells Fargo Online, select “Open Card Details”. You will see your limit under “Limits for this Card”

Another way of finding out what your Wells Fargo withdrawal limit is, is by calling the phone number on the back of your card or you can as well visit any Wells Fargo branch and ask them in person where you can get to ask why there is a limit on your withdrawals in the first place.

NB; you can withdraw cash and check your balance from your primary linked checking and savings account at non-Wells Fargo ATMs that have the Visa ® or Plus ® displayed on them.


Unlike withdrawals, there are no limits when depositing at any Wells Fargo ATM. There are however limits on the amount you can deposit when you decide to deposit checks through the Wells Fargo mobile app.

NB; there are a few ATMs that have limits on the checks or bills you can deposit in a single transaction. However, these limitations is because of the particular ATM in question. If that’s the case, then it is possible to do multiple transactions to deposit the amount you want.


  • Through debit card alerts. Subscribe for debit card alerts in order to stay informed with regards to your card activity whether purchases or ATMs withdrawals.
  • Through online and mobile banking. The online or mobile banking platform makes it possible for you to access your card activity and account information anytime and virtually anywhere. With this, you always view your card purchases, payments, ATM usage and deposits.

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