Top Finance Companies in Hickory, NC

I’m going to provide you with a list of some top finance companies in Hickory, NC In this write up. There are several finance companies in Hickory that prospective clients may not be sure of which one is best for them.

However, with this list of Top Finance Companies in Hickory, you should be able to make a decision alot more easily.

The City of Hickory is suitable for all kinds of businesses and has several industries that cuts across different sectors. The City has got an airport, textile manufacturing company, several schools (high schools, universities etc), and several other companies that it becomes very necessary for it to have finance companies to match the demands.

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List of Top Finance Companies in Hickory, NC

In no particular order, check out the list of Top Finance Companies in Hickory below;

Bank of America 

United States second largest bank, Bank of America also has a branch in Hickory, NC. It is however headquarted at Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mariner Finance 

Mariner Finance is a finance company that has been in operations since 1927 providing personal loans to its cherished customers.

The Mariner Finance Hickory branch is located at 2425 Hwy. 70 SE, Suite 101, Hickory NC 28602 and is headed by Vanessa Owens. Hence if you wish to apply for loan from Mariner Finance, you can easily pass by their office and talk to a loans officer.

However, you can also apply for a loan online at the comfort of your home or office or via phone.

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Click Mariner Finance for further details and how you can also get a loan from them.

OneMain Financial 

OneMain Financial is a finance company in the U.S founded in 1912 by Alexander E. Duncan. The headquarters of the company is at Evansville, Indiana and has over a thousand branches as well across about 44 States.

They are mainly into the provision of personal loans and insurance products.

For more information about the company and how you can deal with them, click OneMain Financial .

Truist Financial 

Truist Financial is currently the 10th largest bank in the U.S which was formed through the merging of BB&T and SunTrust Banks in 2019. It was also ranked as the 7th largest insurance broker in the world in 2021.

It has extended its operations to over 2,000 branches in about 15 States which includes the one at Hickory. In Hickory, Truist Financial is at 106 2nd St. Nw Hickory NC 2860.

You can contact Truist Financial Hickory branch on 828 304 5000 or click Truist Financial for more information.

First Citizens Bank

First Citizens Bank is one of the largest banks in the US with a total assets of over $37 billion and an annual net income of over $457 million. The headquarters of First Citizens Bank is at Raleigh, North Carolina and over 500 branches in 19 States.

The Hickory Main branch is at 117 4th Street NW. Click First Citizens Bank for more information about the company.

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PNC Financial Services 

PNC Financial Services is has offices in 27 States and has over 2,700 branches including the one at Hickory plus over 9,000 ATM’s as well.

The company has over $557 billion in assets and a net income of over $5 billion making it one of the largest banks in the US by number of branches and number of ATMs they have.

Click PNC Financial Services Group, Inc for more details about the company.

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