Top Finance Companies in Dublin

Dublin, the capital and the largest city in Ireland has several finance companies serving the people. However, I’ll be focusing only on listing the top Finance Companies in Dublin in this article.

The financial sector plays a critical role in the city to the extent that there is an entire International Financial Services Centre established in it to serve as a financial hub for the city, country and the world..

Check out the list of Top Finance Companies in Dublin in the subsequent paragraphs.

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List of Top Finance Companies in Dublin 

Below is a list of Top Finance Companies in Dublin. NB: Kindly note that this list does not follow any particular order.

Allied Irish Banks (AIB)

Allied Irish Banks, established in 1966 is one of the Big Four commercial banks in Ireland which includes Bank of Ireland, Permanent TSB and Ulster Bank.

AIB is headquarted at 10 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. It offers different kinds of financial products and services like mortgages, insurance, investments, credit, etc. Hence its definitely a bank you can go to and be rest assured that they have something for you.

Visit their website Allied Irish Banks (AIB) for more information.

JPMorgan Chase 

JPMorgan Chase is a world leader in the financial sector and it has extended it operations to Ireland as well. The Dublin office is located at 79 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin, D02 RK57, Ireland.

JPMorgan Chase extended its services/operations from the US to Ireland several ers ago and continue to provide quality service to the people. They offer various financial products and services such as treasury services, fixed income trading, commercial banking etc.

For more information about JPMorgan Chase Ireland operations, click JPMorgan Chase


Citibank, which is a top American company has set up its Ireland headquarters in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. The bank was established as far back in 1812 with its headquarters in New York.

It is an international finaacial institution with a huge customer base in several countries including Ireland. Citibank specialises in the provision of mortgage loans, personal loans, commercial banking, lines of credit, and credit cards.

Aside its operations in the U.S, it has offices in about 18 countries with over 2,600 branches.

Visit their website Citibank for further information and how you can deal with them.

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Bank of Ireland 

The Bank of Ireland is the first and in the country and is only normal that it has its headquarters in the city. It was established in 1783 by the Royal Charter but the Government of Ireland currently owns 4.93% shares in it.

Aside its operations in Ireland, it also has offices in the United Kingdom as well. It offers all kinds of products and services like investment banking, financing, mortgages, term loans, foreign exchange facilities etc.

Click Bank of Ireland for more details.

BNY Mellon 

BNY Mellon is a top investment company established in the United States with branches in the parts of the world including Ireland. It happens to be the largest custodian bank and securities services company in the world.

It extended its operations to Ireland in 1994 and now has offices in Dublin, Wexford and Cork serving its clients in the region. The Dublin office is at One Dockland Central, Guild Street, Dublin 1, D01 E4X0, Ireland.

Click BNY Mellon for detailed information about the company.

Northern Trust 

Northern Trust is one of the largest and oldest banks in the US and has offices in at least 23 other countries including Ireland. And since it is in Ireland, then its only normal for it to be present in the capital, Dublin.

Here in Dublin, Northern Trust is at Georges Court, 54 – 62 Townsend St, Dublin Docklands, Dublin 2, D02 R156, Ireland. The American company started serving Ireland since 1989 without any proper office till they set up the Dublin office in the year 2000.

As we speak, Northern Trust is basically into the provision of global custody, fund administration, etc to fund managers across the globe. This includes insurance companies, traditional asset managers and pension funds.

Visit their website Northern Trust for more details.

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Bank of America 

BoA is the second largest bank in the US and the eighth largest worldwide hence I cannot possibly compile a list of Top Finance Companies in Dublin without including it. The Dublin office is located at 4250 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568 US.

The Bank has a total assets of over 3 trillion US dollars and an annual revenue of over 89 billion US dollars which justifies why they must surely be on this list.

Click Bank of America for more info.

Goldman Sachs 

Goldman Sachs is a top finance company established in the U.S with its presence in several other countries including Ireland. And there is no better place to put up the Ireland office than the capital, Dublin.

It is located at Goldman Sachs Bank Europe SE, Dublin Branch
47-49 St Stephen’s Green
Dublin, D02 W634.

Goldman Sachs offers financial products and services such as mutual funds, prime brokerage, investment banking, asset management, etc and they do it so well. Click Goldman Sachs if you wish to know more about the company.

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