TD Auto Finance Loan Payment Options

Since you are here, then my guess is that you went for an auto loan at TD Auto finance and is looking at ways by which you can pay back your loan. Hence I’m going to give you all the TD Auto Finance Loan payment options available for you to choose from in this article.

Knowing which payment options are available to you is very important as it helps you to make a choice as to which method to use so you can make prompt payments all the time. Read along as I guide you through on which loan payment options are available for you to pay back your TD Auto Finance loan.

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Payment Options

As one of the top auto finance companies around, they have made several payments options available to customers to make loan payments. They are;

Via Mail

You can make your monthly payments by mailing your payments to TD Auto Finance. Just make sure to write your TD Auto Finance account number on your check or money order you will be mailing and ensure that you address it correctly.

Online Using Debit Card

Another way by which you can pay your TD Auto Finance loan is online using your debit card that has the Nyce®, Star®, Accel®, or Pulse logo on it. Visit and enter your TD Auto Finance account number, Billing Zip Code and email address to begin with payment.

Online Using Personal Checking Account

It is also possible to make TD Auto Finance loan payments online using your personal checking account. Existing customers must go to the TD Auto Finance online platform and log in to their account by entering their username and password whereas new customers must click “Register Now” and then select “Make Payment”.

Via Phone

To make payments via phone, kindly contact them on 1-800-556-8172. You can use either your personal checking account, ATM card or debit card that has the Nyce®, Star®, Accel®, or Pulse logo on it. They also have an automated phone pay system that allows you to easily make payment.

Automatic Payment

You can also arrange for monthly payments to be deducted automatically from your account on each due date without having to ask for your authorization on each payment due date. All that is required is to ensure that you have enough funds in your account on the due date so deductions can be done. You are not charged any fees for using this payment option.

If you wish to use the automatic payment option, you can do so by downloading, printing and filling the Automatic Payment Authorization Agreement and then submit it to TD Auto finance either via mail or fax. You can also apply online to make automatic payments.

Pay via CheckFreePay®

Last but not least payment option is via CheckFreePay. All you need to do is to visit a CheckFreePay agent near you to make payment. However, you are likely to be charged a fee by CheckFreePay for using the service.

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Q1. I want to change my payment due date. How do I do that?

If for some reasons you wish to change your payment due date, contact TD Auto Finance on 1-800-556-8172 to make a request.

Q2. I want to change my banking information for online payments. How do I do it?

You first have to visit TD Auto Finance online platform and log in to your account. Next thing is to select “Manage your Profile” and click “Add/Update Online Payment Profile” which can be found be under User Profile.

Now enter the new banking information you wish to use and click “Submit” and then lastly click “Confirm” to complete the change.

Q3. What is TD Auto Finance mailing address for payment?

The mailing address for monthly payments is;

TD Auto Finance

P.O. Box 100295

Columbia, SC 29202-3295

NB; always remember to add your account number when mailing your payment.

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