Taylor Lautner Wife: Who Is Taylor Dome?

Who is Taylor Lautner wife? Who is this lady that the actor decided to get married to in November 2022 that also bears his first name? How did he meet her in the first place?

Well, don’t worry if you don’t have answers to the above questions as this article addresses all that and more.

Who Is Taylor Lautner? 

Taylor Lautner is an American actor born in February 1992 and is known across the globe due to his role as shapeshifter Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga film series from 2008 to 2012.

But before getting the role in Twilight, Lautner did a few comedy series like My Wife and Kids, The Bernie Mac Show and voice over roles in Scooby-Doo?, Duck Dodgers, What’s New, etc.

But in all, massive credits goes to his role in Twilight which gave him a lot of exposure and money as well. Away from Twilight, he hasn’t been able to reach the heights he attained with the film series yet.

However, he has been able to capture the love of his life who also happens to be a “Taylor”. Although his relationship with the first “Taylor”, Taylor Swift was nothing to write home about, he did manage to fall in love and marry another “Taylor” called Taylor Dome.

Taylor Lautner Wife: Who Is Taylor Dome?

Taylor Lautner got married to his then fiancee, Taylor Dome on November 11, 2022 in California in a colourful ceremony. However, fans must brace themselves for a bit of confusion as the couple now have the same first and last names.

But we will come to the issues with the name later on in the write up.

Taylor Lautner’s wife, Taylor Dome is not in the entertainment industry like her husband. However, her marriage to Lautner gives her an extra popularity which she can’t really do much about.

Taylor Lautner wife
Taylor Lautner and his wife all smiles at their wedding reception.

She is a registered nurse by profession but at the time they started dating in 2018, Dome was still in school. She finally graduated in 2019 and was very appreciative of the support she got from her husband, formerly boyfriend the entire time she was in school.

Dome doubles as a mental health and self care advocate and went ahead to launch her website called “LEMONS by Tay” in January 2022. She intends to use the website to regularly share about a variety of topics, from different mental health exercises and tips she has found to be beneficial to self care practices.

She hopes that through her website, people will realize how important it is to prioritize their mental health even if they’ve never struggled with it before.

How Did Taylor Lautner Meet His Wife, Taylor Dome? 

Lautner met his wife, Taylor Dome through his younger sister Makena Lautner Moore. According to him, Makena had already joked around that she will get him a wife which she succeeded in doing in the long run.

The introduction happened when he decided to take a hiatus from acting for a while. Speaking in an interview with PEOPLE, Lautner said “My sister Makena (Moore) actually introduced us. She called me and said dude, I’ve found your future wife. You need to meet this girl and the rest is now history”

He added that “I wanted to take a step back from acting and enjoy life and spend some time with my family and friends and I met my fiancée out of it, so it all worked out”.

Now coming back to the issue of names, the couple now have the same first and last name after his wife agreed to legally change her last name after their wedding. Lautner himself acknowledges how complicated it’s  going to be and joked about it that it’s ridiculous and that he is a narcissist.

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Where Did Taylor Lautner Marry His Wife? 

Actor Taylor Lautner married his wife, Taylor Dome on November 11, 2022 after they started dating in 2018 and engaged in November 2021. The marriage took place at a Epoch Estate Wines outside of Paso Robles, California.

The ceremony was attended by close friends and relatives with the number not exceeding 100 people.

Where Did Taylor Lautner And Wife Go For Their Honeymoon? 

The couple travelled out of the country to Mexico for their honeymoon shortly after they got married.

Does Taylor Lautner Have A Child? 

No. Lautner does not have any kids yet as of 2022.

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