Shakira Performs Her Diss Song To Piqué On ‘Fallon’ And Breaks World Records In The Process

Singer, Shakira has turned the lemons life gave her into lemonade as her diss song to Gerard Piqué continues to top various charts since it’s release.

Shakira who seems to be the one who has suffered most from their breakup put her emotions into a song that was targeted at the former FC Barcelona defender has eventually won her a number of world record awards.

The singer was on the “The Tonight Show” on Friday where she collaborated with DJ Bizarrap.

According to her, the track is basically a diss song to Gerard Piqué and that she had the inspiration from her personal life and the nasty split. She further adds that she believes her fan base who have been on her side through out this tough times have become a sisterhood.

Her former partner on the other hand seems to have moved on quickly after the break up as he is currently dating a 23 year old Clara Chia Martí.

Well, at least the breakup brought about the song which she performed on the night getting the audience on their feet and dancing.

Shakira performs diss song to Piqué
Shakira posing with her 14 Guinness World Records

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She also made time to pose with with a total of 14 Guinness World Records she’s broken since the release of the song cementing her name in the history books.

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