Midwest Loan Services Payment Options

Mortgages is a necessary evil hence once you’re in it, you must do your best to make timely payments so it doesn’t go against you. And once you’re here looking for Midwest Loan Services payment options, then you are on the right path.

As a borrower, it is incumbent on you to make sure you make prompt payments in order to avoid penalties. That is why Midwest Loan Services, which is one of the best if not the best subservicing company around. It has about seven(7) less stressful payment options that borrowers can use to make their mortgage payments.

Now check out the complete Midwest Loan Services payment options below and choose the one that suits you.

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List Of Payment Options At Midwest Loan Services 

At Midwest Loan Services, there are about seven (7) payment options available for customers to pay their mortgages. They are;

In Person 

You can pay your mortgage in person at your lender’s branch office at no charge at all to you.

Via Phone

Borrowers can also easily make payments by contacting Midwest Loan Services customer service line on 800-262-6574. All you need to have is your loan number, your banks routing number, savings or checking account number, amount you’re paying and the date you wish to make payment and you’re good to go. NB: it however comes at fee of $15.00.

Automatic Monthly Draft

The Automatic monthly draft enables borrowers to make a draft from either checking or savings account and select a day in the month you wish to make payment and it comes at no charge to you.

Automatic Semi-Monthly Drafts

You can also draft half payments on the 1st and 15th. There is however a one-time $75.00 set up charge and a $2.50 charge each time you are debited.

Automatic Biweekly Drafts

Another option is the Automatic Biweekly Drafts where you draft half of your monthly payment amount every two weeks. The first is to be made 14 days before your due date after which drafts will repeat every 14 days. NB: there is however a one-time charge of $75.00 and a $2.50 charge per debit.

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Via Online

You can also make your Midwest Loan Services payment online anytime and any day. You are able to schedule payment at your comfort zone but all you’ll need is your loan number, banks routing ,checking or savings account, payment amount, and the date you want payment to be effected.

Via Cashier’s Check, Check or Money Order

You can pay with either cashier’s check, money order or check by mailing it to Midwest Loan Services. Not that it could take up to 7 to 10 days for the mail to get to them hence male provision for that.

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