LightStream Loan Types, Rates, FAQs

In this article, I’m going to answer all the relevant questions customers have about LightStream Loan types and the rates at which they offer loans.

LightStream is an online platform that enables customers to apply for loans from the comfort of their homes, offices, wherever, conveniently on their mobile phones or computers. It is a division of SunTrust Bank, one of the top financial companies in the country.

Their range of innovative products makes it possible for clients to focus on their purchases whiles LightStream takes care of the financing because there is virtually a LightStream loan for all your needs. All you have to do is to sit tight, grab your mobile phone, computer or tablet, apply, get approval, sign loan agreement and your funds will be sent to you.

Their fast loan processing time makes it possible to give out loans same day of application.

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Check out LightStream Loan types below;

  • Car Loans & refinance loans
  • Pool loans
  • Home Improvement Loans
  • Fractional Loans
  • Boat loans & Aircraft Financing
  • IVF Financing
  • Medical & Dental Financing
  • Prek-12 Education Loans
  • Horse Loans
  • Jewelry Financing
  • Adoption Financing
  • Timeshare Financing & Vacation Ownership Loans
  • and virtually anything else you can think about


LightStream loan rates normally varies from person to person due to certain factors. These factors are; loan purpose, loan amount, term length and credit profile of the applicant.

To qualify for the lowest of rates, applicant must have an excellent credit score. The better your credit, the lower the rates. Also note that, rates are quoted with AutoPay discount which is only accessible before loan funding. (NB: any rates without AutoPay are 0.5% points higher than rates with AutoPay)

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Additionally, rates and terms that are advertised can change without notice. However, LightStream Loan current maximum APR is 20.49%

You can also check your rates by clicking , select a loan purpose and desired loan amount to see rate.

LightStream Working Hours

  • Customer Service

Monday – Friday (10am – 8pm ET)

Saturday: 12pm – 4pm ET

  • Application Processing

Monday – Friday (10am – 6pm ET)

Saturday & Sunday: 1pm – 6pm ET

Mailing address

If you intend to mail LightStream, make sure you are addressing it correctly. Mails must be addressed to;

  1. O. BOX 117320

Atlanta, GA 30368-7320

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Q1. How does LightStream loan process work?

The LightStream Loan process is quite easy and straightforward. All you have to do is to apply online after which you will receive a reply shortly.

The next thing is to accept loan agreement after your loan application has been approved by signing electronically then you’re ready to receive your funds as soon as possible.

Q2. How does LightStream Calculate Interest

LightStream calculates interests using the simple interest formula.

Q3.  Can I change payment due date after receiving funds?

No! You cannot change payment due date once you receive your loan. Note that payments made 18 days or more before your payment due date will be treated as an extra payment, whiles your scheduled payment remains due.

Q4. Will I pay a penalty if I payoff my loan early?

No! There are absolutely no penalties when you decide to prepay your loan hence you are free to make extra payments any time.

Q5. Do you have any down payment requirements for an auto loan?

No! LightStream auto loan does not require any down payments when applying for an auto loan. It is infact possible to apply for the full amount of the car.  

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