Kim Kardashian Scuffles In Her Super Tight Dress At Fashion Week In Milan

Kim Kardashian like you know is the woman for the big moments and almost always wants to make a statement with her appearance.

Well, she is at it once again as she leaves fans gushing over her gorgeous look at the Milan Fashion Week. But unfortunately for her, wearing such tight clothes hampered her walking as she could be seen struggling to walk in her super tight red dress.

Kim Kardashian skintight dress

The outfit was so perfect on her but the struggle came in when she tried taking the stairs. Her skintight Dolce & Gabanna skirt made it very difficult for the 42 year old socialite and entrepreneur to climb the stairs making it an interesting sight to watch.

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And as usual, people had their eyes glued to her as she struggled to climb the stairs.

Other than that, it was an elegant outfit that looked very perfect on the socialite.

Kim Kardashian skintight dress

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