How To Make Saga Car Insurance Claim

Saga offers one of the best car insurance policies in the UK and I’m here to show you how to make saga car insurance claim after an incident/accident provided you have a policy with them.

If you are yet to sign unto any of their car insurance policies, you might as well have a read so you see how easy and less stressful it is to make a claim at Saga.

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is simply a type of insurance for cars, trucks, motorcycles and other road vehicles. A car insurance is there to provide some form of financial protection in case of accident or traffic collisions and theft.

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Types of Car Insurance

There are basically three types of car insurance. They are;

Third Party

This type of car insurance covers damage to a third party whether it is another vehicle, a building or person. However, it does not cover the cost of repairing or replacing your car.

NB; this type of policy is the legal minimum car insurance you need to drive your car in the UK.

Third party, fire and theft

This type is basically third party plus provides cover for your vehicle after theft or fire.


A comprehensive car insurance covers damage to your car and a third party’s car, and occupants of both your car and that of the third party. It also covers belongings inside your car, vandalism and may offer you a courtesy car if your car can’t be used due to accident.  

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How To Make A Saga Car Insurance Claim

Making a claim at Saga is quite easy and less stressful as well and I’m going to show you how. Follow these steps the moment you are involved in an accident/incident regardless of whose fault it is;

  • Contact Saga on their claims assistance number 0800 001 5424
  • In cases where another party is involved, give Saga details to them and they will handle everything for you. You wouldn’t have to deal with them or their insurer.
  • Try to obtain contact and insurance details of any other parties involved.
  • Contact Saga on 0800 092 3304 if you need to make a claim to repair or replace damaged glass

NB; reach out to Saga to make the claim as soon as the incident/accident occurs. Saga is available to receive your claim 24/7.

Also note that the phone call you made to report your claim is just the first of the five steps Saga follows to process car insurance claims. As a result, the earlier you give them a call, the better so they can help protect your interest and get back on the road.

Steps Followed By Saga in Processing Car Insurance Claims

These are the five steps followed by Saga to process your claim


The call you place to report your claim is the first step to redeem your claim and get back on the road. Give them a call on 0800 001 5424 for their experts to handle your claim.


Saga takes your vehicle to any of their approved garages as soon as possible.

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Replacement car

Saga also gives you a replacement car to keep you going whiles they fix yours.


The fourth step is ‘repairs’. Trust that your car will be fixed with original parts and top notch servicing that will last for at least five years.

Saga pays you the full market value of your car in instances where repair is not possible. They can also replace it with a new one in some cases.

Back on the road

Saga gets you back on the road whiles their team of experts handle any unresolved parts of your claim. They will get back to you in case they need any further information from you.

Click HERE for more information about Saga.


Q1. Who settles the liability aspect of my claim?

Saga contacts the third party insurer on your behalf and will come into an agreement with the other insurer as to who was really at fault backed by the evidence available. You may be contacted for more information as your claim progresses.

Q2. What does car insurance cover?

What your car insurance cover depends on the type of policy you choose. The basic rule is that the more cover your insurance has, the more you pay as premium.

Saga has two different levels of car insurance cover you can choose from.

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Q3. What doesn’t car insurance cover?

Generally, a car insurance does not cover the following;

  • Loss or damage due to war, terrorism, earthquake or radioactivity
  • Losing your car through theft after you left it unlocked.
  • Your excess
  • Damage caused deliberately by you or anyone on your certificate of insurance

Q4. How can I pay for my car insurance premiums?

Saga monthly or annual premiums can be paid by Direct Debit (subject to a credit check). Annual premiums can be paid by either debit card, credit card or by cheque.

NB; all checques must be payable to Saga Services Limited, Middelburg Square, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1AZ.

Q5. Am I covered to drive in the EU?

Yes! With Saga Car insurance, you and any drivers named on your policy are covered to drive in the EU. It doesn’t matter which type of Saga car policy you are on.

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