How To Make Honda Finance Loan Payment

There are about seven (7) ways you can make your Honda Finance loan payment and this article covers all of that. Honda Finance understands that the busy schedules of customers can sometimes cause them to miss or make late payments. That is why they have made loan payments easy for all their customers.

With their seven payment options, you should be able to select a payment method that works for you to make timely payments.

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How To Make Honda Finance Loan Payment 

Below are the payment methods you can use to pay your Honda Finance loan;

Pay Online 

One of the most convenient ways of making Honda Finance Loan Payment is Online. Get to their website and log in with your login details if you already have an online account or register if you’re yet to which will enable you to make payment online with either your savings or checking account.

Click HERE to log in in order to make payments. 

Pay By Phone 

You can also pay your loans on phone by contacting Honda Finance and use their automated payment service. However, to be able to use this method, you must first have your bank account saved on your online payment profile.

Pay Via Mail 

Payments can be sent via mail by sending your check or money order to the appropriate address. The appropriate address to use can be found on your statement or click HERE to find your address by selecting your state and submit.

EasyPay Automatic Payments 

This payment method allows for payments to be made automatucally from your savings or checking account every due date. Log in HERE to set up for EasyPay Automatic Payments. 

By ACI Pay

You can make your loan payment using ACI Pay with Debit or ATM card. Contact 1-800 366-8500 to make payment.

Via Western Union Quick Collect

At a small fee, you can make payment by Western Union Quick Collect. NB: your Honda Finance account number, City and State Code will be needed to perform this transaction.

Pay Via Moneygram 

Also at a fee, you can make same day payment at a Moneygram agent. Your Honda Finance account number and receive code 1888 will be needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q1. Can I change my payment due date? 

Yes! You can change your due date. However it is not automatic as you will have to meet certain requirements before your request will be granted.

To change your due date online, go to your online account and click “Need Help?” Link in the Current Bill section. Then you select “Change Payment Due Date” to enter your preferred date and submit. You can also request a change of due date by contacting customer service of Honda Finance.

Q2. Can I make payments with my credit card? 

No! Honda Finance does not accept payments with credit cards. You can only use your debit or ATM card.

Q3. Is there a penalty for late payment? 

Yes! You may be charged a late payment penalty if you make payment after due date. Details of any late payment fees can be found in your contract.

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