How To Make A Saga Home Insurance Claim

Many a time’s customers complain of having to go through stressful processes just to make claims. However, what they never mention is that, in most cases, the cause of delay in processing their claims may be from themselves.

Making a claim requires due diligent from insurers which is why they may ask you certain questions and documents before you can make a claim. To make things easier for clients, the things to carry along or information an insured must readily have is stated in the policy documents which they never read, (haha).

Read along as I guide you through on how you can make a Saga Home Insurance claim without any stress.

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What is a Home Insurance?

Home insurance is a type of insurance that covers homes or private residence. It offers protection to either your home, its belongings or both. This helps you to better deal with damages as a result of either fire, flood, disaster or theft.

Types of Home Insurance

There are basically two types of home insurance available for clients to choose Buildings insurance and contents insurance

  • Buildings Insurance

This type of insurance takes care of the cost of putting your home back in shape after an incident such as fire, flood etc. It offers protection for the building itself. This includes fixtures and fittings, roof and walls.

  • Contents Insurance

This type of insurance covers your personal belongings such as furniture, TV, equipment’s, etc. in case of theft, fire, flood etc. 

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How To Make A Claim

  • Confirm whether you are covered

The first step you should take to make a Saga Home Insurance Claim is to check from your policy documents if you are indeed covered. However, if you signed unto their policy via online, then you should have access to your documents at “MySaga”.

The policy documents let you know which type of home insurance you are signed unto, whether content insurance, buildings insurance or both. You will be required to pay excesses for both contents and building if that’s the type of policy you are signed unto.

  • Get your details ready

Grab your policy documents which has all your details in it and that of how you can contact Saga to make a claim. The contact number to use to reach Saga when making a claim is in the documents. Make the call and expect that you will be asked certain questions to ascertain if indeed they are dealing with the right person.

  • What Saga does next

After providing your details, Saga then decides to handle your claim in way that best fits your situation.  They will do all the necessary reviews to come up with the right damages for you. They may ask for further particulars depending on the outcome of the review.

Saga will then either agree to settle your claims, ask for more details for further review or pass your claim on to their suppliers to help them settle your claim in case it is too much for them.

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Q1. What does a Home Insurance Cover?

 Saga has two types or levels of cover clients can always go for although there may be a slight difference in premiums and what it covers. Check out some of the things a Saga home insurance covers;

  • Buildings insurance could cover up to £1 million cover whereas a contents insurance could cover up to £100,000
  • Accidental damage
  • Contents or Personal belongings cover
  • New for old replacement of items

Q2. What doesn’t a Saga home insurance cover?

A home insurance does not cover certain things no matter the type of home insurance you are signed unto. These things are generally not covered under any home insurance policy;

  • Mechanical breakdowns
  • Damage as a result of wear and tear
  • Damage a result of structural repairs or demolition
  • Deliberate vandalism by you or anyone in living in your home

Q3. What factors affect my home insurance premium?

Factors that affects your premiums are;

  • Location of your home
  • Nature of structure/ building you live in
  • Claims history
  • Cost of Saga claims
  • Taxes
  • Weather
  • Fraud

Q4. How can I pay my premiums?

 Saga has made it easy for clients to pay premiums by providing them with multiple payment options they can choose from. You opt for either Direct Debit or pay by credit or debit card. Just give them a call on 0800 414 525 to discuss which payment option is best for you.

Q5. How do I renew my Saga Home Insurance Policy?

Contact Saga on 0800 056 9085 if you wish to renew your policy. However, note that your policy will spontaneously renew if you pay via Direct Debit or if you’re on a continuous payment on your credit card.

Saga will notify you at least 21 days ahead of expiry so you can decide whether to renew or not.    

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