How To Apply For FAFSA Loan

Are you a student in need of a FAFSA loan but have no idea as to how to apply for one? Well, this article is for you as I guide you through on how to apply for FAFSA loan, who is eligible to apply, when you can apply, etc.


Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is simply a form applicants for a federal student aid will have to complete. The kind of federal students aid available include loans, work-study and federal grants.

FAFSA makes it possible for students to get financial assistance in order to pay their college fees. The FAFSA information you provide is normally used by lots of colleges and states alike when deciding on who is eligible for their support.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Be in need of financial aid
  • Must qualify for college
  • Offered admission for a degree or certificate course  
  • Must be registered with Selective Service
  • Social Security Number
  • Must be a U.S citizen or have a Green Card or a T-Visa or an Arrival Departure Record or must have a Battered Immigrant Status.

Documents Required

  • Valid Social Security number
  • Parents Social Security number
  • Students driver’s license if any
  • Alien Registration number in the case of non U.S citizens
  • Federal tax data
  • Untaxed income reports
  • Financial information; account balances which includes investments you’ve might have made in stocks, bonds and real estate.

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Options Available in Filling a FAFSA Form

There are four options available for applicants to fill the FAFSA form. Check them out and choose the one that suits you;

  • Visit the FAFSA page online to begin the application process. Click here
  • The myStudentAid mobile app which is available on Google Play or App Store
  • Complete a 2022-2023 FAFSA PDF. This could be done by printing it out and mailing the FAFSA PDF for processing or
  • Demand for a print-out of the FAFSA PDF via call on 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243). Once you receive the forms, complete it and mail it back for processing

How to Apply for FAFSA Loan

Follow these simple steps below to learn how to apply for FAFSA loan easily;

  • Information Collection

The first step to collect as much information as you can regarding FASFA. In order to make the process easier for you, you need to find out which information FAFSA will need from you when filling the form.

Information such as Social security number, college you are admitted at or applying to etc. will definitely be needed.

  • Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID

You will be required to create a Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID especially if you are applying via the mobile app or online. Dependent students who have their parent’s information reported on the FAFSA form will also have to get a FSA ID.

Creating the FSA ID before filling the form helps to make the whole filling process smoother. The ID is an identifier that enables you to access to your personal information in the various U.S. Department of Education Systems.

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  • Fill and Complete FAFSA form

The next thing to do now is to begin filling the FAFSA forms online or on the mobile app. Provide accurate information to all the questions asked on the form. You will be required to provide information about yourself, finances and parents.

  • Check for Errors

Take time to go offer the information you provided on the FAFSA form to make sure no errors were made. You may want to get someone to proofread for you before submitting.

  • Submit FAFSA form

Now, sign and submit your FAFSA form after making sure no errors were made.

FAFSA Deadlines

2021-2022 Academic Year

Form must be submitted not later than 11:59p.m Central time on 30th June 2022. Corrections or updates must be submitted not later than 11:59pm CT on 10th September 2022

2022-2023 Academic Year

Should be submitted not later than 11:59pm CT on 30TH June 2023. Corrections or updates should be submitted not later than 11:59pm CT on 10th September 2023.

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Q1. What will I need to fill a FAFSA form?

You will need the following to fill a FAFSA form;

  • Your SSN
  • Alien Registration Number ( for non U.S. citizens)
  • Federal tax returns
  • Bank statements & records
  • Untaxed income reports
  • FSA ID

Q2. How do I check the status of my FAFSA?

All you have to do to check your FAFSA status is to log in to your FAFSA account. Navigate to “My FAFSA” page to see your status.   

You can visit the financial aid office of your college to check on the status of financial aid being paid into your account or to you.

Q3. How do I make corrections on my FAFSA?

Log in to your FAFSA account online, click on “Make FAFSA Corrections” to make the necessary corrections. You can make changes to email or mailing address, add or remove colleges from the form and virtually any other thing aside your Social Security number.    

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