How Does Oodle Car Finance Work?

Almost everyone will want to buy and own a car. However, not everybody can raise the lump sum needed to make a purchase which is why car financing is very common now and also that is why Oodle for example is there for you. Potential borrowers who might have heard of the company may be asking “how does Oodle Car Finance Work”?

Well, the answer to that is quite simple and I’m going to show you how Oodle works in the subsequent paragraphs.

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About Oodle

Oodle Car Finance is a registered car finance company in the United Kingdom (UK) making it easier for thousands of customers to purchase their dream cars.

The company is arguably one of the fastest growing companies in their industry. What they do is to provide customers with funds or loans ahead of time before they visit a dealer to shop for a car. Oodle believes that once you have the finances, your shopping experience then becomes different as you already have the money needed to make a purchase with certainty.

Therefore if its auto financing you need then Oodle is there for you and has financed over 150,000 customers since it started in 2016 with over 300 approved dealers they work with.

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How Oodle Car Finance Works

Car financing is very common and safe way of purchasing a car you wouldn’t have been able to come up with the lump sum needed yourself. There are different ways of financing a car, different auto loan providers you can decide to seek financing from and Oodle is one of them.  

Oodle believes that, before you decide to go shopping for a car, you need to first work out the financing aspect. They offer preapproved car loans that is best for you and then disburse funds into your OodlePay digital wallet which will be used in paying at the dealership.

Once you’ve sorted out the financing with Oodle, you can shop for your desired car from any of their official dealers. In case you already have a dealer in mind, you can inform Oodle about it and if they are okay then you can go ahead to make purchase.

With the help of your OodlePay wallet, you can now make payment either in-person or online immediately after choosing your desired car and you’re good to go.

NB; Oodle has an online marketplace you can shop at. In that case, Oodle will deliver your car to you at no cost where you can test drive for at most seven days.

Oodle offers car loans between £2500 and £100,000 and you wouldn’t have to worry about your credit score as their soft search doesn’t affect your credit.

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Q1. What proof of identification do I need to apply for an Oodle Car Finance?

  • Driver’s license
  • Permanent resident address
  • Copy of your passport
  • Bank statements (preferably the last 3 months)

Q2. How long does it take to be approved for Oodle Car Finance?

It usually doesn’t take long for Oodle to approve your application. You should get a response from them within a matter of seconds. However, they may need to do further review in some cases which may delay response time.

Q3. How do I find Oodle official dealers?

You can find Oodle official dealers by visiting their online marketplace here

Q4. Can I change my Oodle Car Loan payment date?

Yes! You can easily change your loan payment date using the “chat with us” platform at the foot of the page. Once you are there, select “change direct debit details”, and select “change payment date”

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