Harvey Weinstein Slapped With 16 Years Jail Term In L.A Rape Case

Former American film producer Harvey Weinstein has been slapped with a 16 years jail term in a Los Angeles rape case. 

The former film producer who was convicted for sexually attacking an actress in a hotel room at a film festival in Los Angeles in February 2013 begged the court for leniency before judgment was passed.

He pleaded saying “please don’t sentence me to life in prison, I don’t deserve it”. This came after he initially claimed to be innocent on multiple occasions.

Weinsten had always claimed he was innocent and that he is a victim of a set up. However, the facts presented before the court proved otherwise and was slapped with an additional 16 years in prison on top of the already existing 23 years sentence he was sentenced to by a court in New York.

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The victim, who has been tagged as Jane Doe in order to protect her spoke about encounter with Weinsten. She told the court “before that night, i was a very happy and confident woman”. “Everything changed after the defendant brutally assaulted me”.

“There is no prion sentence long enough to undo the damage ” she said.

Harvey Weinstein on the other hand told the court, presided over by Lisa Lench that he never raped or sexually assaulted Jane Doe. He said “I never raped or sexually assaulted Jane Doe 1. So many things wrong” and “loopholes” in the case.

He called his accuser an actress with the ability to turn on her tears.

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