Hailey Bieber Reflects On Her Mini Stroke Experience A Year On, Says It’s A “Life Changing Event”

The American model and partner of singer, Justin Bieber reflects on her mini stroke experience a year on, describing it as a “Life changing event”.

Hailey Bieber, suffered a mini stroke in March 2022 known as a transient ischemic attack (TIA). The attack required emergency medical attention which resulted in them finding a small hole in her heart known as ‘Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO). She then had to undergo surgery to remove the defect.

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It was an experience the model doesn’t plan on forgetting anytime soon and took to instagram on Friday share her experience. She reshared a video from April 2022 where she talked about her health with the caption “can’t believe it’s been one year since I suffered a mini-stroke that led to my PFO diagnosis…”

“Given that it’s the one year mark from such a life changing event, I wanted to share all the information I’ve learned about PFO and share resources to donate..” she then went ahead to provide some statistics about PFO from UCLA Health.

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She stated that, “the most common congenital heart defect affecting 20% of all people and with 60% happening among 1st degree relatives.”

Hailey added that, “60% of those who suffer a stroke without a known cause are likely to have a parent foramen Ovale. PFO is a passage way between the left and right atria of the heart and exists in everyone before birth but closes for most people after they are born. However, the flap does not close for around one in four people and that PFO is what we call the passage way when the flap fails to close.” she intimated.

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