Great Lakes Loan Login

Since you’re here, my guess is you have a student loan and is using Great Lakes to service your loan. Loan servicing is very critical and hence it is actually good that you’re using Great Lakes in the first place. That is why i have decided to provide you with the Great Lakes Loan Login so you can easily access your account.

Great Lakes has helped millions of students to secure student loans and easily service their loans after their grace period.

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About Great Lakes 

Great Lakes is a top student loan provider and guarantor in the United States helping millions of students pay for their college education since 1967. It happens to be one of the four largest federal student loan servicers in the US alongside Navient, Nelnet and the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.

The company has its headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. Great Lakes makes sure you’re always informed about your student loan, helps you choose the best repayment plan that will suit you etc.

What The Great Lakes Loan Login Enables You To Do

As a borrower, you need to create an Great Lakes user ID and password so you can log in to to do the following;

  • Look at the specifics of your current loan
  • Enables you to make payments which includes AutoPay and excess payments if you wish to
  • You are able to check and apply for repayment options
  • Check and apply for deferment and forbearances.

Great Lakes Loan Login 

To log in to so you can manage your loan,


However, if you don’t have an Great Lakes user ID and password, you will have to first sign up.

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How To Sign Up For MyGreat Lakes Account 

  • Visit 
  • Click Sign Up located at the top right corner
  • Enter your info such as Social Security Number and Date of Birth
  • Click continue and enter your login information
  • Then lastly you choose your preferences.

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