Chris Rock Jabs Will Smith In Netflix Special Over The Infamous Oscar Slap

Comedian Chris Rock went all out in the much anticipated Netflix special to address the infamous Oscar slap by Will Smith in 2022.

Chris Rock who initially didn’t want to talk about the slap in public decided to address the matter in the Netflix special where he went all out making  fun of Jada Pickett’s entanglement with August Alsina and says Will Smith is practicing selective outrage.

He said “Will Smith practices selective outrage. Cause everybody knows what the f*** happened. Everybody that really knows, knows I had nothing to do wit you that s***. I didn’t have entanglements.” suggesting that it is Jada he (Smith) is really mad at and not him.

Chris Rock slapped by Will Smith
The moment Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars whiles he was presenting

He continued by saying that “and for people that know what everybody knows, his wife was f***ing her son’s friend, okay now I normally would not talk about this s*** but for some reasons these n*** put that s**** on the internet.”

“I have no idea why two talented people would do something that f*** low down. Everybody in here has been cheated on. None of us have ever been interviewed by the person that cheated on us on television. Why the f*** would you do that s***? She hurt him way more than he hurt me” Rock says regarding the couple’s idea to open up on such a sensitive matter on “Red Table Talk.”


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