Carrie Underwood Wowed Fans With Her Incredible Walk-in Closet [+Video]

“Before he cheats” hitmaker, Carrie Underwood has wowed fans with her incredible walk-in closet which has a built in laundry and a ladder as well.

The superstar singer got fans talking after she gave them a look at her awesome walk-in closet.

She did the unveiling of her new magnificent walk-in closet on her official instagram page via a post of her wearing a new patent leather pants with a text across the video that read, that time I bought the nosey britches…. ”

The singer then captioned the post, “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.. my pants are too loud!!!” and added a laughing emoji plus emoji of pants.

Here is what she said in the video whiles showing off her walk-in closet “so I bought these super cute, patent leather… they’re not leather, leggings to wear. Saw them, thought they’d be cute for something, there’s just one problem, when you walk, it doesn’t really sound great” she laughed.

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As usual, her fans were quick to offer some suggestions with some saying she should add oil to the patent leather pants to reduce the noise. Haha.

Whiles the singer may have been talking about her pants, others took notice of her incredible walk-in closet which has a washing machine and dryer in it


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