CarMax Auto Finance Payoff Address

You’ll need the correct CarMax Auto Finance Payoff Address in order to safely send your payoff amount to them. A little mistake and your payment may not be received by CarMax and that is what this article seeks to prevent.

In this write up, you’ll find the CarMax Auto Finance Payoff Addresses so you can choose which one you prefer.

Founded in 1993, CarMax has become the largest used car dealership in the U.S. But it also has an Auto Finance division that is helping thousands of its customers to finance their cars. The financing they provide usually requires that customers make monthly payments over a particular loan term.

However, they also allow early payoffs. Meaning that if you decide to payoff your Carmax auto finance loan early, you are permitted to do so.

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CarMax Auto Finance Payoff Address 

These are the CarMax Auto Finance Payoff Addresses you can send your payoff to. Make sure you write the correct address in order for your Payoff to be delivered to CarMax and on time.

Regular Mail 

CarMax Auto Finance

Attn: PayoffDepartment

P. O. Box 440609

Kennesaw,  GA 30160

Express mail or overnight mail address 

CarMax Auto Finance

Attn: Payoff Department

225 ChastainMeadowsCourt

Suite 210

Kennesaw, GA 30144

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What Other Options Do I Have To Payoff My CarMax Auto Finance loan?

Aside the mail option, you can also Payoff your CarMax Auto Finance via online, in person or Western Union/ MoneyGram.

How long will it take to receive my title after I payoff my account? 

The duration actually depends on what method you choose to payoff your account. It usually takes up to three business days for your title to be released to you if you payoff using a certified fund.

However, payoffs made using non-certified funds like personal check takes a bit longer before you receive your title.

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