Capital One Auto Finance Insurance Address

Are you looking for the Capital One Auto Finance Insurance Address? Why do you need to have the Capital One Auto Finance Insurance Address in the first place? Well, I have answers to these questions and more in this article.

If you financed your car with Capital One Auto Finance or any other lender, then you have a lienholder whose details will be needed on your insurance policy. So if your your car insurance company requests for your lienholder address, then you will be needing this address which I will be providing you with.

But first let us understand what a Lienholder is and why you need this address in the first place.

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What Is A Lienholder?

A lienholder is simply your lender when financing your car. So if you got your car/vehicle through financing, then your lender is your lienholder who has the legal right to your car until you completely pay off your loan then you become the legal owner.

A lienholder could be a bank, auto finance company, dealership, etc. So in this case, your lienholder is Capital One Auto Finance and you’ll need their insurance address when getting your car insured since they also have rights to you car until you pay back your loan in full.

Why You Need Capital One Auto Finance (Lienholder) Insurance Address

As mentioned earlier, your lienholder is your lender and you’ll need to add them to your insurance policy as well because they have legal ownership of your car until you pay back your loan in full. Your lienholder or in this case Capital One Auto Finance will demand that you insure the car and also include them on the policy.

This is because they have great insurable interest in the car throughout the course of the loan term.

What Is The Capital One Auto Finance Insurance Address? 

The address for lienholder for insurance is P.O. Box 390907 Minneapolis, MN 55439

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Capital One Auto Finance Mailing Address 

There is an address for every transaction hence go through and use the correct address.


Capital One Auto Finance

Attn: Payment Processing

2525 Corporate Place

2nd Floor Suite #250

Monterey Park, CA 91754


Capital One Auto Finance makes it possible for clients to make payments via mail. As a result, if you wish to use this medium, kindly address your mail to;

Capital One Auto Finance

P.O.Box 60511

City of Industry, CA 91716


Capital One Auto Finance

7933 Preston Road

Plano, TX 75024-2302


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