Capital One Auto Finance Independent Dealers

Capital One Auto Finance is definitely your go to Auto Finance company, ranking very high on the list of Top Auto Finance Companies in the U.S. And over here, I’ll be looking at Capital One Auto Finance independent dealers if any.

Top auto finance companies such as Capital One Auto Finance have over the years made securing financing alot more easier. With the help of their Auto Navigator for instance, borrowers can do virtually more than half of what it takes to purchase that new car at their comfort zone.

They are able to get prequalification which allows them to know how much they can borrow and how much they will be paying as monthly payments, etc. With the navigator, you are able to search for your preferred car from a wide collection of dealerships even before visiting their office in person.

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Capital One Auto Finance Independent Dealers 

For the record, Capital One Auto Finance does not accept financing from independent dealerships, private party sellers or auto brokers. Hence which ever dealership you choose to purchase your vehicle must be from any of their over 12,000 partnered dealerships listed on their Auto Navigator platform.

With the Capital One Auto Navigator platform, you can search for a dealer by state or even City.

How To Search For Capital One Auto Finance Partnered Dealerships 

To make things easier for their millions of customers, Capital One Auto Finance have made it possible for customers to search for their desired vehicles from any of their over 12,000 partnered dealerships across the country.

To search for a dealership near you, click Capital One Auto Finance Partnered Dealerships to begin the search. You can search by either State, City, Zip code or name of the dealership.

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Q1.What are the things I need to have when visiting the dealership after getting my prequalification offer?

When visiting the dealer after getting your prequalification offer, you need to go along with your offer and show it to the dealer. That way, they will be able to identify you as such and then request for other items such as identity proof, proof of residence and income.

Q2. Will I have to apply again when I visit the dealership? 

Yes! After getting your prequalification offer and you visit the dealer, you will have to apply for credit with them as well. They do a hard pull on your credit and later be made to sign some contract agreement.

Q3. What happens if my selected dealer does not have my preferred vehicle? 

In case your preferred dealer does not have the vehicle you wish to purchase, then you can check out from any of their partnered dealerships.

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